From The Bottom Up: a project introduction and reflections

Project Introduction The politics of toilets is something I have been interested in since the first year of my degree, when a lecture on critical geography got me thinking about the power relations tied up within them and the latrinalia (toilet graffiti) phenomenon. As spaces which are often unconsidered, a photographic project investigating public toilets […]

Gioia de Bruijn’s ‘Weekend Warriors and Beyond’

‘Sometimes you have to choose: is this situation aesthetically more interesting to me? Or is it a situation I want to experience?’ (Bruijn, 2017) This hypothetical question posed by Gioia de Bruijn in an interview for lensculture particularly resonated with me during my Sense of Place project endeavours. Following a meeting with my personal tutor, […]

Remember Home

I have become increasingly aware of the effect of music on my photographic practice and ideas recently. Remember Home by Sebastian Cole appeared on my Spotify a few weeks ago and I fell in love immediately, overwhelmed by feelings of emptiness and longing to feel at ‘home’, both spatially and mentally. The song is pertinent […]