Mock Installation

Over the past few days, my walls have been subject to numerous nail holes and pencil marks (I’m hoping my landlord doesn’t notice) with the intention of setting up a mock installation of the Berwick photo series. I’d never considered ‘exhibiting’ works in my own home before, but was encouraged after reading Exhibiting Photography, which suggests that […]

Presenting Berwick

As submission day approaches, I’ve been giving thought to how I will present my final portfolio of work. Opting for a photo book in my previous project, From The Bottom Up, was a valuable experience, but didn’t allow much time to engage with the process of editing images for print. This time around, I’ve decided […]

Who cares?

I have been thinking a lot about the state of the care sector. With social care seeming to fall low on the United Kingdom’s list of financial priorities, it’s no wonder the sector has come under scrutiny in recent years and many clients (with ££) are subsequently turning to private care. Since completing my training […]

Do Not Forget Me

Now that second year is finished, along with From The Bottom Up, it’s time to start thinking seriously about my photography-based dissertation. As a professional carer, I am constantly inspired by the healthcare sector and am beginning to embrace it as a point of creative innovation; consequentially, my final-year project aims to explore the invisibility […]

Reflection series: being female at Brighton Pier (4/4)

The final post of this four-part reflection series focuses on being female in public toilets, specifically at Brighton Pier. I have already discussed my initially disheartening experience in the Brighton Pier female’s toilet in a previous reflection, so I won’t dwell on the epiphanic moment I had whilst staring at the nearby sanitary bin. Instead, […]

Reflection series: latrinalia at Royal Pavilion Gardens (3/4)

The third of this four-part reflection series focuses on latrinalia (toilet graffiti) in public toilets, specifically Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Gardens. As one of the few attended public facilities in Brighton & Hove, the toilets at Royal Pavilion Gardens were at the bottom of my list for having latrinalia-covered toilet cubicles. I was rather surprised, then, […]